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Our values define us

They are the foundation of our culture and they guide our actions and behaviour.

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Our values reflect our beliefs as a team, and what we collectively feel are the principles that guide us towards achieving our purpose. They form a criterion for what we believe in, how we act or interact with each other and all our stakeholders; they guide the choices we make and the people we hire.

We are Calix, a team of dedicated people urgently developing great businesses, leveraging our patented technology, that deliver positive global impact.


At the foundation of our spirit is teamwork. We are a, down-to-earth, caring, honest, ingenious, and dedicated team of people working together to solve global challenges.

Sense of urgency

means we embrace the rate of change necessary to come in line with the 2030 Agenda, and we are committed to making a sustainable future a reality.

Positive impact

is what drives us to work every morning. We are driven to use our unique skills to repair, presence and prevent future harm to our planet.


reflects our ability to think outside the box, to challenge each other and adapt quickly to new opportunities.


means we are a purpose-driven company and determined to make a positive difference for the long-term.


Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is not just a moral imperative; it is foundational to driving innovation and business success. Diversity is a key focus for our company. 

Our values are the foundation of our culture.