Yes, we have a company vision and values and it’s very important that everyone lives up to them. You can read them here.  But what is it really like to work here every day?

Our offices tend to be in the centre of major cities and are easy to get to; whether by public transport, car or bike. And each of our locations are in prestigious offices.

We spend a lot of time at work, so what is it really like to be here every day?


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Informal, busy and fun

It’s informal here. It’s busy. It’s competitive and we want it to be fun. Every Friday is dress-down day. Consultants make a lot of phone calls, meet many clients and candidates, and generate their own business. Consultants have monthly targets to achieve, based on their experience and tenure. Managers work closely with each Consultant to help them achieve this. Consultants focus on specific disciplines and/or sectors and locations, ensuring our clients and candidates always work with experienced and knowledgeable specialists. Personal development is at the top of everyone’s agenda. After all, managers only succeed if their team succeeds.


We are competitive bunch of people. We want to win – but in the right way. Not at the expense of our colleagues and never without taking a long term client perspective. Making mutually beneficial decisions between us and our clients is important.  Maintaining client loyalty is always at the forefront of our minds. A few times a year we mix up teams for a business development day of competitions and prizes based on criteria such as most new candidates identified, most new client meetings arranged, most new assignments gained, etc. This is accompanied by a table tennis or table football league throughout the day and culminates in an early finish with a quiz and drinks.


We expect our Directors and Managers to lead by example. They are experts in their chosen discipline and/or sector and have significant market knowledge. This helps make them strong managers for their teams. They provide their Recruitment Consultants with expert advice, they coach them in the best ways to build strong relationships and win work, and support their team members in any aspects of their personal and professional development.


We believe that achieving results isn’t simply about being seen to be at your desk all the time. It’s about being effective with your time, not how long you spend in work. Yes, it takes some people longer to be effective than others and some people seem to complete more tasks sooner. But we recognise that, as an employer, we need to fit around people’s personal and family commitments.  Several employees have adopted some form of flexible working with many being part time /reduced hours workers. Some people need to start/end their working day around their childcare duties and the school run. What people do with their lunchtimes is flexible too. Visits to local gyms are popular. We offer plenty of opportunities to bond with fellow team members through our social activities in the evenings. We like celebrating success and we like doing this by going out on the town.


It’s hard to keep everyone updated about everything all the time. People want to know different things. Some people take more notice when they are talked to. Others prefer emails.  When it comes to internal communication, we use different methods in efforts to ensure everyone is kept up to date with what’s important, as frequently as is practical.

Team work

We believe our approach to team work makes us unique amongst within the recruitment industry. And we do it because it works! We generate significant value by openly sharing knowledge, leads and contacts between all our people - within their team, between other teams, across offices and throughout our European network – every day.

Working life at Nigel Wright

In order to portray a real representation of the culture here at Nigel Wright, we asked some of our Recruitment Consultants to answer a series of questions about their careers and about working at Nigel Wright.


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