Our central Support teams for the Group are all based at our UK Head Quarters in Newcastle upon Tyne.

These teams lead their functions in servicing the business and customers throughout Europe and further afield. They comprise dedicated people with an equal desire and drive to do their best, as any recruitment consultant. After all, we are one firm that thrives by having like-minded people working closely together. And their efforts are recognised across the business. Staff recommend the most helpful Support person of the quarter who is awarded with an expensed meal out with their partner.

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Positioning our market leading brand in our chosen markets through a diverse range of media and producing responsive, high quality marketing for clients to attract the best available talent in the market.


Administering the company’s accounts, ensuring tight financial management by paying our suppliers whilst ensuring we get paid too, whilst adhering to different financial regulations imposed by the countries we trade with.
HR and Payroll
Supporting the business and its employees with evolving HR practices and policies, managing staff training and development programmes and dealing with the staff payroll.
Providing strategic technology vision and enterprising solutions for the business, enabling our teams to focus on being effective.

Our central Support teams are vital and integral to the way our business operates internally and externally.


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