We pride ourselves on bringing together like-minded people who benefit from a strong collaborative work environment. That doesn’t mean everybody is the same. We want a diverse workforce. But we do want everyone to actively contribute to building our culture and future.

In choosing us, you will become part of a team that is passionate about being the best in everything we do. We don’t want people to work in silos. Our emphasis on team work within and between our international offices allows us to best serve our clients, many of whom operate either across Europe or globally.
We need people who work hard, are interested in others, are keen to learn (whatever their experience), and are competitive. High performers tend to have a good work rate, driven by their self-motivation. This tends to result in them being rewarded more for their efforts.

We are a big company but we aren’t too big. Our culture is still very personal, where every Consultant in each country knows each other – at all levels. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service matched by our high levels of industry knowledge and expertise; all of which enables us to deliver our customers with the best results.

Our success is down to our people so we are seeking a diverse work force who are committed to doing their best for their customers and colleagues. We want our staff to be truly representative of all sections of society and for each employee to feel respected and able to be fully committed to everyone they work with. In fact, we have a
Equality Policy stating our commitments.

We are recruiting at all levels – from graduates to people with many years’ experience within
industry or at other recruitment firms. Knowledge of the recruitment industry is less important
to us than a great attitude to succeed.

If you are hard working, personable, willing to learn and like a challenge, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact us for a chat.

We look for the best talent to join our team, with our people sharing a common set of traits and characteristics.


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We look for the best talent to join our team, with our people sharing a common set of traits and characteristics:

Early non-academic achievement

The talent of hard work

Personable, interested and interesting

Teachable, with a willingness to learn and an ability to accumulate knowledge

The ‘will’ to win and see tasks through to completion, even when the going gets tough

A sense of fun

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Andy Scott, Senior Consultant

"I joined Nigel Wright in 2017 as a Researcher. This is my first role within the recruitment industry. I had previously spent 8 years in food retail, working my way up from the shop floor to a Department Manager position, which I ultimately left in 2016 to spend some time traveling.

After speaking to many recruitment agencies, I was attracted to Nigel Wright by the calibre and professionalism of the consultants in the business. Since joining, everybody has gone above and beyond to support my career progression and enable me to reach my full potential."

Daniel Bloxham, Associate Director

"I joined Nigel Wright in 2016, which was my first venture into the recruitment industry. My background previously was talent management, having worked in the Investors in People arena for over 13 years.

From the moment I arrived it was clear that Nigel Wright is a truly commercial outfit. The calibre of the workforce is impressive, which combines well with a vibrant and supportive culture. The company provides a great platform to succeed, with a clear path for progression. If you’re new to the industry, the training and development will ensure you’re inducted well.
If you are hardworking, want to be part of a successful team and be rewarded, consider joining Nigel Wright."

Sarah Dargue, Principal Resourcing and Engagement Consultant

"I joined Nigel Wright after an 18 year career with a plc recruitment business. I can honestly say that I feel like I work for a plc now, more than I ever did for the previous 18 years.  Nigel Wright is full of like-minded, hard-working, professional and diligent consultants and is a refreshingly ‘grown up’ environment to work in. After my first week in the business, I felt like I’d worked here forever and was stunned to find that I genuinely liked everyone I worked with.

If you want to work hard and be in a business which genuinely offers you career opportunities (locally and internationally), then we might just be the business for you."

Richard Morgan, Director

"I joined Nigel Wright around 6 years ago as a Senior Consultant.  My earlier background saw me train as an Accountant before entering recruitment via another regional recruitment business. I was attracted to Nigel Wright by the quality of the people, brand and market perception and each of those factors remains a strong part of what has kept me engaged in the business.  I enjoy working with high calibre colleagues across all levels and areas of the business. Nigel Wright has enabled me to develop significantly in the last six years, achieving two formal promotions.  For me, the balance has been right between career challenge and realistic achievement and I’m confident that I will continue to learn and develop at Nigel Wright."

Charlotte Owen, Associate Director

"I joined Nigel Wright in 2016 after spending 10 years working for two large plc recruiters. Nigel Wright was always a brand I had admired and I knew that I could develop my market further and grow a successful new business area for the organisation.

After my first month, I knew I'd made the right decision. At Nigel Wright, I have a valuable network of trusted peers, access to an ambitious and friendly senior management team and I work for a global organisation with a strong local presence - I genuinely love to come to work!"

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