Welcome from Harry Swan, Managing Director

Thomas Swan is unique within the chemical industry and as a family owned, private business we have the flexibility and speed of decision making that is the envy of larger companies.  The business is remarkably diverse and has technical capabilities that are rare for an SME.  Despite our size we are an increasingly global company with 75% exports, a sales and distribution office in New Jersey, USA, a newly acquired manufacturing site in Alabama, USA and a sales and distribution office in Shanghai, China.  Perhaps most importantly, we love what we do and we are passionate about growing the business. 

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The business is profitable, currently debt free and has considerable growth potential which is our primary concern as we look to generate additional profit from targeted investments and acquisitions across our three strategic divisions.

We are currently in year two of a new five year rolling strategy that focusses on six priority areas of;

-  Developing our people
-  Operational excellence across all departments
-  Embrace sustainability in all we do
-  Strategically target markets
-  Innovation culture
-  Play to our strengths 

For a 92-year-old company, the focus on operational excellence is an exciting and challenging project. Overseeing cultural change is never easy but the rewards are significant as we look to integrate a Lean Sigma environment, install Sage X3 ERP systems and ensure our investments keep us on the front foot in responding to commercial demands. 

This is an exciting time for us and recruiting the right talent is pivotal to modernising our operations to ensure we develop world class capabilities.  While we have made encouraging initial progress, I am under no illusion over the scale of the challenge still ahead and recruiting the right people will help us achieve cultural shift in our largest department. 

Harry Swan
Managing Director
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.

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