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 Zentia - Evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions



  • We value, respect and care about our people. We want them to feel motivated, appreciated, listened to and empowered to reach their full potential
  • Nurturing development is key, so we ensure our people have the best environment as well as the training and tools needed to excel at what they do
  • We want to inspire our people, so we lead by example in everything we do and assure 100% commitment from all layers of the organisation
  • We are passionate about our people and openly celebrate their accomplishments and recognise their achievements
  • Our people are central to our company’s success which is why we promote responsibility and accountability and thrive on their high levels of engagement
  • We support a good work-life balance with flexibility and adaptability to promote happiness and wellbeing


  • Collaborative teamwork and cooperation are central to our effectiveness, productiveness and success as a whole
  • The strength of our teams comes from supporting each other, communicating well, and everyone doing their share to meet our common goals
  • By collaborating, our people benefit from a cross functional and diverse skillset to problem-solve as a group and succeed as a team
  • Trust, information-sharing and transparency are key attributes of our team working ethos that ensures we are highly effective
  • We create a collaborative team environment by sharing our successes, our progress and our challenges
  • By pulling together as a team we ensure quicker, better, customer-driven decisions and the benefit of increased productivity and effectiveness
  • The diversity of our people and a broad body of knowledge supports collaborative teamwork and enables creative solutions that foster innovation


  • Our results-driven culture is deep rooted at all levels within the organisation; we lead by example and strive for better performance every day
  • Our valued, diverse and inclusive workforce are at the foundation of our drive for results
  • Our people are fully engaged and have a clear understanding of the goals, objectives and expected outcomes which in turn empowers them to achieve results
  • Organisational alignment between business objectives, our functions and individual roles enables the execution of results
  • Operational excellence, continuous improvement and organisational agility ensure we are able to overcome any obstacles we may encounter
  • Rewards and recognition systems are transparent and as such, our people feel motivated and accountable for their performance and strive to exceed their targets


  • Our organisation's integrity can be seen through our honesty and ethical behaviour within and outside of the workplace and through our commitment to legal and regulatory compliance
  • We demonstrate honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times, and follow the Golden Rule: Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
  • We encourage all of our people to develop accountability - to learn from their actions and to avoid repeating mistakes
  • We consider listening to and respecting the opinions and decisions of others to be the foundations of mutual respect and an important part of everyone’s personal integrity
  • We build strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect and we believe in open and honest communication, as well as transparency at every level
  • We operate fair policies and procedures, which are applied equally at every level of the organisation