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 "Zentia - The new name for Armstrong Ceiling Solutions" 


Our market leading suspended ceiling systems are specified in every environment from hotels and hospitals to schools and workplaces - offering interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance.

With options that focus on optimum acoustics to those that reduce a building’s reliance on artificial light, our ceiling systems deliver an improved environment for users’ well-being long before it became a contemporary buzz word. A peerless 30-year system warranty also gives our customers complete peace of mind.

What’s more, we take sustainable building design seriously. Protecting our planet is synonymous with good business and that’s why we are proud to be the first European mineral ceiling tile manufacturer to achieve the ultimate in green certification - Cradle to Cradle™ status for ceiling systems that comprise high recycled content.

Having pioneered ceiling recycling schemes in the UK in 2003, we are still the only UK ceilings manufacturer to offer this service. And every year, our recycling initiatives enable us to divert increasingly large amounts of waste from landfill.

Our environmental commitment ensures we are striving for a sustainable future. From energy-saving performance features to responsible raw material selection and ceiling recycling programmes, our ceilings for sustainable building design are engineered to reduce environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

We are confident that Ceiling Solutions Ltd (trading as Zentia, formerly known as Armstrong Ceiling Solutions) will go from strength to strength. With our HQ and manufacturing facilities based in Team Valley, Gateshead here in the UK and our sales teams operating in a further 6 countries across Europe, our programme of ongoing investment will ensure our continued growth.

From our deep rooted manufacturing origins and solid Armstrong brand foundation, we are about to create and develop the most profitable ceiling manufacturer and deliver the best value to our customers and shareholders.